Thank you for your interest in Egas Moniz – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior and its two schools – Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz and Escola Superior de Saúde Egas Moniz..

Egas Moniz, CRL is a reference in Health education in Portugal. Our mission: “dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, learning and education of students, at the service of the health improvement of global society in the 21st century”. Our two institutions currently have about 2 500 students and over 400 faculty members and they offer you undergraduate and master’s degrees and other postgraduate courses in the health area. 

The commitment to quality and the qualification of the teaching staff, as well as facilities, equipment and scientific research are undoubtedly reflected in the level of competence of our graduates. Also, the internationalisation plays an important role, in particular the Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus programmes, in addition to collaboration agreements with European universities and the attraction of foreign students.

It is a constant concern and direct responsibility of our Cooperative to provide all the necessary means to achieve a good performance of teaching staff and students and, thereby, to enhance academic success.

Apart from academic life, the very essence of the institution, in which all students are co-operators and actively involved in decisions, promotes an open mind and a way of being and living in society which corresponds to an added value in their formation.

It is highly rewarding and a source of pride for all those studying or working here the fact that, over the past years, hundreds of highly skilled professionals were trained in our two institutions and, nowadays, they are perfectly integrated into the labour market, performing their duties with quality and accuracy..

The life of this Cooperative is not limited to academic offer, training of students and research. We understand that it is our responsibility to serve our community. Therefore, our clinics and the Egas Moniz Senior Residence develop an important action of social support.

With approximately 5 ha, the Campus is located in a quiet area near Lisbon, offering good accessibility. On the other hand, the students away from home may be accommodated at our on-campus Residence (211 rooms).

With everyone’s dedication and effort, we help the dreams of our youth become a reality.

In three words, because we want, Egas Moniz will increasingly be synonymous of success, prestige and recognition.

Be welcome!

President of Egas Moniz, CRL - Board of Directors


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