Integrated Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science


The Egas Moniz Higher Institute of Health Science (IUEM) Integrated Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science is one of the most renowned courses in Portugal at this time. It boasts a tradition in academic excellence in training professionals that goes back more than 20 years. We’ve trained more than 1,000 professionals in pharmaceutical science. According to the employability study (Nielsen) carried out among graduates in the last 5 years, we can see that our pharmacists have a 97% employability rate in the field of Pharmaceutical Science, and can achieve a stable contract after three months.

We’ve successfully evolved since the creation of the Undergraduate Degree in Pharmaceutical Science, always with the aim of meeting the new challenges that arise both in the education sector and the pharmaceutical sector. A key factor in our master’s degree’s success has been the capacity for us to adapt to change and develop new teaching approaches that are adapted to the labour market’s real need. Proof of this was the creation in 2014 of a Placement programme in the Pharmaceutical Industry in partnership with APIFARMA, with ANL -  National Association of Clinical Laboratories and the Military Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products Laboratory,  which envisages placements for students who have graduated from the 1st cycle of studies (3 years) of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science, (MICF), offering them midterm vocational experience that is integrated in their academic training. This programme further contemplates extracurricular internships for students who have completed the 2nd cycle of the MICF with the aim of making it easier for them to integrate their professional life. Other internship programmes are also being developed in different fields of professional activity.

The Integrated Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science trains health care professionals and as such, the patient is at the centre of their occupation. Pharmaceutical Science professionals can operate in several fields, focusing particularly on medicinal products – how they are developed, how the work and how they are used by the population to prevent and treat diseases. They can also work in several laboratory areas, namely medical, environmental and food tests, as well as in the whole related industrial and commercial sector. 

We train pharmaceutical leaders and active members in health care teams with the capacity to be lifelong experts in all fields of health. We also train professionals with the capacity to become researchers in the various fields of health science.

What makes us unique

  • The high practical component of the course. You will have practical laboratory classes since the 1st year of the course, in a total of more than 1000 hours of effective laboratory work.
  • A young and qualified teaching body motivated to assist you.
  • Large, modern and well equipped laboratories.
  • You will have simulated practical classes of community pharmacy and carry out curricular internships in community and hospital pharmacies, integrating the knowledge acquired during academic training with pharmaceutical practice.
  • A highly diversified training, which will allow you to acquire skills to work in multiple areas.
  • The possibility of taking part in extracurricular internships, in the middle of the academic training or at the end of the Integrated Masters Program, in Portugal or abroad, in close collaboration with companies and other educational and research institutions, expanding your training and targeting your areas of interest.
  • The high employability (97%) of our graduates due to the solid scientific and technical training.
  • The existence of the Egas Moniz Interdisciplinary Research Centre  (CiiEM), which will open the door for you to undertake scientific research projects in highly diversified areas, within dynamic and interactive research teams.
  • The possibility of having exchange programmes with foreign universities, namely through the Erasmus programme.
  • Taking part in several conferences, congresses and seminars that will keep you up to date with the most recent trends in several areas.
  • A top-quality University Residence on campus, with numerous amenities on offer, such as a swimming pool, which ensures your well-being and safety, as if you were in your own home.
  • An excellent academic environment, that is stimulating and active and includes teachers, researchers, professionals and students alike! You will attend parties, concerts, academic nights out and other initiatives organised by the Egas Moniz Student Associations, “Tunas” Groups and choir. You will also be able to practice several sports, whether at the gym or the playing field we have on offer for you.
  • Our campus’s privileged location in Almada council, 15 minutes away from Lisbon and Costa de Caparica, with excellent means of access (over-ground metro, train and bus).

Career prospects and others

When you complete the degree you will be able to:

  • Enroll in the Pharmacists' Association and, later on, if you wish, obtain the title of specialist in different areas ranging from clinical analysis to regulatory issues;
  • Work in community pharmacy as technical director, assistant pharmacist or pharmacist. The pharmacist is the only professional who can occupy these functions;
  • Work in a hospital pharmacy where you can be director of service or the head of different departments. The pharmacist is the only professional who can occupy these functions.
  • Work in the pharmaceutical industry in multiple areas ranging from research and development to commercialization, through production, quality control, marketing, clinical trials and registries, distribution, stockists and exporters, among others. You can occupy functions of direction or of leadership in the different sectors. In Industries with AIM (Market Introduction Authorization) it is mandatory for the Technical Director to be a pharmacist, especially associated with Quality Assurance and/or Regulatory Affairs. At the factory, besides being a member of the OF (Pharmacists' Association), he must also hold the title of specialist in the Pharmaceutical Industry, while in the other Industries that only have a license to trade and distribute, it is sufficient to be enrolled in the OF.
  • Work in different laboratories of analysis, which can be clinical analysis, environmental analysis, food analysis, forensic analysis, among others.
  • Choose to pursue a career in scientific research in the most diverse scientific areas.

More information

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