Nutritional Sciences


Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
Total ECTS: 240
Registered in DGES and with Accreditation A3ES  



Learning goals

Guia de Candidatura




Head: Paula Pereira





The Egas Moniz Higher Institute of Health Science (IUEM) Undergraduate Degree in Nutrition Science stands apart due to the strong investment in teaching that is focused on the nutritional clinical practice. As such, there is strict collaboration with the IUEM Nutrition Consultation, with the aim of offering students an intense observational clinical practice focused on the community’s reality right from the first years of their undergraduate degree. This collaboration with the Nutrition Consultation allows students to be in contact with teachers in their specific field of practice for about 50 hours per month. In order to intensify the students’ medical practice, open sessions with the academic community are organised periodically, where medical cases of interest in the field of nutrition are presented and discussed. 

The interconnection between the undergraduate degree and the Egas Moniz Medial Genetics and Paediatric Nutrition Centre - CGMNEM enables the Nutrition Science students to be in touch with and take part in cutting edge research through the acquisition of laboratory and medical experience in high-level national and international projects, as well as contact with the community and taking on an important role in the “struggle” against the menace of child obesity. 

The possibility of taking part in external initiatives for being in touch with the community through workshops focusing on nutritional screening is a reality nowadays, as more and more institutions of varying types request that our students take part in such initiatives.

What makes us unique

  • The existence of the Medical Genetics and Paediatric Nutrition Centre which, by investing heavily in cutting-edge research enables you to apply the know-how you acquire to a reality of pioneering research in the field of child obesity and public health. This Research Centre is the only one in the country that studies obesity as a whole, interlinking clinical, nutritional and laboratorial aspects, which will allow you to obtain lab experience, develop critical thought and actively take part in studies that are of interest to the community, making it possible for you to acquire training that will make you fit for practicing a high-level professional activity whether in Portugal or abroad.
  • A final placement of 630 hours in hospitals, health care centres, the food industry, social welfare institutions and charities to support the elderly, gyms, companies or other venues where nutritionists practice. In addition to this you can undertake voluntary observational placements in the same types of institutions.
  • Modern facilities that are duly equipped with all the materials and resources required for your learning and training, particularly the laboratories, the experimental kitchen and the nutrition practice.
  • Taking part in the training courses at the various institutions with which we cooperate.
  • The possibility to carry out extracurricular placements in Portugal or abroad, working closely with companies and other teaching and research institutions, expanding your training in the areas that interest you specifically.
  • A young and qualified teaching body motivated to assist you.
  • Taking part in several conferences, congresses and seminars that will keep you up to date with the most recent trends in several areas.
  • A top-quality University Residence on campus, with numerous amenities on offer, such as a swimming pool, which ensures your well-being and safety, as if you were in your own home.
  • An excellent academic environment, that is stimulating and active and includes teachers, researchers, professionals and students alike! You will attend parties, concerts, academic nights out and other initiatives organised by the Egas Moniz Student Associations, “Tunas” Groups and choir. You will also be able to practice several sports, whether at the gym or the playing field we have on offer for you.
  • Our campus’s privileged location in Almada council, 15 minutes away from Lisbon and Costa de Caparica, with excellent means of access (over-ground metro, train and bus).

Career prospects and others

Once you complete your degree, you’ll be a Health Care Technician (Decree-Law 414/91) and will be able to:

  • Pursue a career in clinical nutrition and in this case, you can work in hospitals, clinics or focus on having your own practice.
    Pursue a career in community nutrition and public health, practicing in Regional Health Administrations, health care centres, family health units, city halls.
  • Pursue a career in the field of Food Hygiene and Safety, playing an important role in controlling the quality of food when manufactured (food industry), the way it’s served (companies, restaurants, canteens, and others) and also the way in which foodstuffs are distributed to the consumers (large supermarkets, specialised retail).
  • Take part in the creation of new foodstuffs.
  • Pursue an academic career, continuing your education in second and third cycles that are specific to the various fields.
  • Pursue a career in sports nutrition, working in gyms, health clubs and others.
  • Focus on food marketing or food policy.
  • Pursue a career in scientific research in various fields, being able to take part in national and international research projects in the field of food and/or nutrition.
  • Pursue a career as a consultant in several areas.

More information

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The IUEM Undergraduate Degree in Nutrition Science and the Nutrition Consultations uses the Sanut software, which provides students a direct interaction with the clinical cases they observe and the possibility of oriented clinical practice.

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