Diagnosis and individual coaching

Through the Assessment DISC (Behavioral Diagnosis) the self-knowledge of the teachers is promoted in relation to its behavioral profile in its natural and adapted style having as analysis four dimensions:

  • Domain;
  • Influence;
  • Stability;
  • Conformity.

This results in a behavioral report that identifies:

  • General characteristics of behavior, namely strengths and improvement areas in communication management and teaching practice;
  • Integrative analysis of the different dimensions;
  • Characterization and comparison between natural and adapted style;
  • How to manage adaptability effectively, namely the adequacy of communication to behavioral styles different from their interlocutors;
  • Reflection on the needs for improvement through an individual development plan.

The GFP contemplates the possibility of individual coaching activities, the analysis of the Assessment DISC with the involvement of the teacher in the construction of the development plan and that reinforces the strengths and concretize their needs for improvement, optimizing their resources and enabling them . It is intended, with these activities, to raise awareness and commitment of the company to its development plan.

In addition, the GFP promotes a self-assessment questionnaire on critical skills in presentation techniques, in the context of classroom teaching activity.

These activities are exclusively carried out by a team of psychologists duly accredited for this purpose and are available, by prior appointment, throughout the school year.