Observation in a live classroom setting

The observation activities in a classroom setting are carried out with the aid of a "Observation Grid" (shared with the teacher), to facilitate analysis and ensure focus, as well as to align the relevant points to be commented on.

In this grid the teachers' pedagogical competences are evaluated, from the introduction, development of the subjects and finishing of the lesson, as well as aspects related to the management of verbal and nonverbal communication, use of visual supports and management of the relation with the group of students.

It includes a post-observation analysis by coach and teacher through personalized and confidential feedback, sharing and acknowledgment of observed good practices, consolidation of suggestions, and suggestions for improvement or correction of inappropriate behaviors or procedures.

These activities are exclusively carried out by a team of psychologists duly accredited for this purpose and are available, by prior appointment, throughout the school year.

It should be noted that the elaboration of the observation grid resulted from a pilot project developed in 2012/13 to strengthen the alignment of teachers in the classroom context and to reinforce the awareness of the need to adapt more effective pedagogical practices. To this end, two focus group sessions were held with students from both institutions of Egas Moniz and two team coaching sessions with the teachers to share and analyze the results.

This project allowed to know the perceptions that the students have of the teachers and to gauge the consensuses and divergences in the analysis both of the teachers and of the students themselves (characterization of what they most appreciate and criticize in a teacher - as they define a "Good Teacher"; teachers 'approaches to students' motivation to attend and participate in classes, impact on learning and consolidation of knowledge, main difficulties students put to teachers and strategies adopted by them).

The students' contributions were the subject of a content analysis and a report was prepared for each of the Institutions, having been shared and analyzed with the teachers in two sessions of team coaching, in order to: align the identity / "Signature of Excellence": "To be an Egas Moniz teacher"; to reflect together on the report of the focus group with students (current challenges in teaching activities and pedagogical implications: difficulties and strengths; characterization of student typologies and analysis of the need for adequacy; reinforce individual and collective commitment to the excellence required in the faculty.