The fact that Egas Moniz, CRL is a “global” Higher Education Cooperative, i.e. all the students are mandatorily co-operators (we believe we are currently the only one operating in the country), ensures that everyone is involved in the institution’s planning, monitoring and evaluation.

All of the Cooperative’s activity and projects are disclosed annually, analysed, criticised and discussed at a General Meeting.

Furthermore, there are elections every three years where the electoral programmes are analysed, discussed, amended and voted on by students.

The fact that we are a one-man-one-vote institution, i.e. we all have the same rights and duties, leads to greater openness and a systematic exchange of information. Students often bring new ideas, suggestions for improvements, partnerships and new activities and courses.

It is important to highlight that this mind-set and way of being offers us great comfort, since students effectively engage in active citizenship, they are committed to constant improvement and are a precious hand in the institution’s planning and running.