Official visit of the OMD President

Egas Moniz received on January 15 the OMD delegation, led by President Dr. Miguel Pavão, Professor Maria João Ponces (Member of the Board of Directors), Prof. Miguel Dias Gomes (Executive Director) and Dr. Monica Pereira Lourenço.

In this prospective meeting, Mr. President, Dr. Miguel Pavão, and his committee attended a presentation on the institutional mission of Egas Moniz, its internationalization and contribution to training the higher education in teaching and learning of Dentistry. OMD heard the ambitions and challenges that Egas Moniz faces, the very active role of our students in clinical practices and research and others. In addition, OMD visited the Egas Moniz Dental Clinic, with practical university classes, our clinical where orthodontics specialty develops, and the Materials Laboratory.

On the other hand, Egas Moniz enthusiastically accepted the adhesion to the ‘Forum for Medical Education and Dentistry’, a cooperation platform between the OMD and the National Association of Dentistry Students (ANEMD) to promote the debate, in a serious and constructive way, on the teaching of Dentistry.

The executive directors of Egas Moniz, Professor José João Mendes, Professor Ana Delgado and Professor Mário Polido, the Vice-Rector of IUEM, Professor Ana Cristina Manso (on behalf of its Rector, Professor Gil Alcoforado), and the coordinator of the Integrated Master in Dentistry, Professor Ana Mano Azul, led the reception of Egas Moniz with opening collaborate in this forum and express your concern about the quality of pre-graduate and postgraduate teaching in the profession and dental medicine,

The future of specialties, sectorial skills and research were other topics mentioned. Also present were the president of ANEMD, Rúben Felizardo, ANEMD Member for Training, Rui Carvalho, the president of NEMD-AAIUEM, Maria Malho, and the treasurer of NEMD-AAIUEM, Miguel Bandeira.