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Biomedical Sciences

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*monthly (12 months)
Study cycle that differentiates national and international offerings, within the scope of biomedical sciences, with a strong pre-clinical component, both in the field of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, which allows students to access fundamental kn...

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  • Introduction to Animal Life
  • From molecule to cell
  • From cell to tissue
  • From Genome to Population
  • Biophysics
  • Fundamentals of Immunology
  • From tissue to organism
  • Morphology and Function I
  • Biostatistics and Health Research Methodologies
  • Optional I: History of Medicine / Introduction to Dentistry

How to start

What you need to apply

For students coming from a non-Portuguese High School (EU):

  • Have completed, or have completed in the current academic year, a course of high school education;
  • Have taken in the two previous years or be taking in the year in which you apply for, the entrance exams — national examinations of secondary education (homologous to the portuguese national exams) — fixed for the course to which you intend to apply. These candidates will have to request the equivalence of their foreign secondary education at a public portuguese high school or at DGE Portugal - General-Directorate of Education. Afterwards, while applying to Egas Moniz, candidates have to request the replacement of the portuguese entrance examination through article 20-A.

For non-EU students:

  • Non-holders of any EU citizenship (in accordance with Article 2 of the Regulation);
  • Be the holder of a high school qualification or equivalent (through Equivalence of Foreign Qualifications at DGE);
  • Have taken national final exams of foreign secondary education that are considered homologous to the entrance exams set for the chosen program. - In the absence of said exams, the candidate will have to take an aptitude test at the institution.

Application Regime

For EU students: (IUEM / ESSEM) | Institutional Contest

Application Deadlines

For EU students: July 19th

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